Monday, December 6, 2010

The Guest Bloggers of Christmas Past & Present.

As you're planning your holiday menus and making your holiday treats be reminded of the following main dishes and tasty treats from friends and family...

The Guest Bloggers of Christmas Past:
Angie - White Chili.  Nothing more comforting on a chilly winter day than chili.
Janet - Caramel Kiss Cookies.  Chocolate and caramel - yes, please!
Nicole - Chocolate Mint Truffle Cookies & Cranberry Orange Cookies.  Really, who can resist
chocolate and mint at Christmas?  And the cranberry orange is a welcome addition to any cookie platter!
Karla - Chocolaty Caramel Thumbprints.  My favorite part - asides from eating them is that they look so fancy, but are so easy!
Emily - Dried Cherry & Chocolate Walnut Brittle.  Emily is a superstar.  She was on food network!  Thank gosh my parents get that channel so I could watch her!
Teresa - Pumpkin Dessert.  Pumpkin isn't just for Thanksgiving!  It's delicious at Christmas too!
Mom - Hot Buttered Rum.  Oh.  How I hope that we can enjoy some hot buttered rums at the cookie exchange next weekend!!
Risa - Rocky Ledge Bars.  Deliciousness!  Risa never fails to blog about all kinds of sweet treats.
Robyn - Winter Salad.  Salad is always a welcome addition to our Christmas spread.  It never hurts to serve something that makes your guests feel healthy!  And this salad is so good!

...and The Guest Bloggers of Christmas Present:
Michelle K - Apple Bean Bake.  I've purchased the supplies to make this...can't wait!
Kaiti - Nutterbutter Balls.  Kaiti has found the secret to making phenomenal nutterbutter balls.
Julie - The Schooley's Easy Lasagna Rollups.  On the list to make in the next week.  So excited!

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