Sunday, December 12, 2010

'Holly'day Treats.

I named these 'Holly'day treats because I don't know the real name for them and because growing up these were by far my favorite holiday treat.  As soon as my mom had them made I would start sneaking them...I wonder if she ever knew some were missing :)

'Holly'day Treats
(Recipe adapted from My Mom)
1/2 bag chow mein noodles (use right from the package)
1/2 bag fruit flavored marshmallows
2 cups rice krispies
1 package white chocolate candy
1 1/2 cups peanutbutter

Combine chow mein noodles, marshmallows, and rice krispies.  In a separate bowl melt white chocolate.  Once melted mix in peanutbutter until the two are combined.  Dump white chocolate/peanutbutter mixture over the dry ingredients and stir until evenly coated.  Drop by tablespoon unto waxed paper and leave until set.  Place in an air-tight container and enjoy throughout the holiday!


Barb said...

Actually I kind of stole it from Gary's Aunt Margaret! lol But I never make it the same twice!

Michelle K said...

Ooooh these look amazing!!!