Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rosettes - By Nicole

So let me preface this by saying, I've never actually made these myself...however, I have helped. They are very much a family tradition for us and one day I'm sure I will try my hand at it. For now, my uncle makes them by the case every year for people all around the area. He even sells them as they aren't something a lot of people make, apparently. The original rosette-maker was my grandma and here is her recipe straight out of an old church cookbook:

A few tips my uncle gave me today:
  • He uses a little extra milk to thin out the batter
  • Cast iron (seasoned) rosette irons are essential, aluminum won't do and never use soap on them
  • Allow the batter to rest overnight in the refrigerator before using
  • Preheat your iron by putting it in the oil, then wipe on paper towel and dip in batter
  • Do not go over the top of the iron
  • Leave the iron in the pan for 20 seconds or so without letting it touch the bottom (it will burn)
  • The first couple, like pancakes, never turn out
This is a very well used, for rosettes only, pot. It is not a tidy project; oil will bubble over the sides.
What may seem like an undertaking at first, is well worth the effort as these are so delicate, delicious, and unique. Dust with powdered sugar or dip in granulated sugar as our family does.


Holly. said...

These are beautiful! They look so delicate. Where do I start looking for a cast iron rosette iron??

Barb said...

Nicole you are just about the craftiest person I know, I love Rosettes, I have the iron just am to lazy to make them...They look Amazing, can't wait for Holly to make them! lol

Interview Me said...

That brings back so many memories!!! My mom used to make those and I know the recipe was used at church Gold & Green Balls! (formal dance) thanks for sharing!