Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving & The Twelve Guest Bloggers of Christmas - Version 2.

Happy Thanksgiving!

And's time!  With Thanksgiving underway we can safely begin the journey of holiday baking!  And with that I bring you The Twelve Guest Bloggers of Christmas - Version 2.  I selected these ladies for their love of creating and the fact that good things come from their kitchens.

Kara.  Childhood friend who shares my love of decorating, entertaining, and creating things.  And to top it off she's got a cute little man to keep her busy.

Michelle K.  Keeps her husband fed with home cooked meals while enduring nursing school.  I can wait for her to graduate to see what she'll cook when she isn't buried in the books!

Kaiti.  Recently discovered that Kaiti's love for the kitchen and I'm excited to see what she's baking.  And her dog could be my dog's brother.  They're cute dogs!

Nicole.  Returning for Version 2 with a newly remodeled kitchen!  I might be more excited than her that she'll have a "real" kitchen to work in this holiday season.  And last year's treats?  Yum!

Michelle B.  I love knowing that other young people preserve their's garden's bounty. Salsa.  Tomato sauce.

Beth.  Keeps me interested with her use of organic and natural products.  And zucchini blossoms.  I know, right?  Best veggie pizza I ever made.

Nora.  College friend who shares my love of homemade bread, family time, and early mornings.  Facebook post at 0230 asking what to bake says it all!

Julie.  Between the two of us I bet we cook for 25 people each weekend!  The best part?  She makes cakes.  Cakes with buttercream frosting.  Cakes with pretty decorations.

Robyn.  Also returning for Version 2!  Last year's salad has become a favorite in our house!  Can't wait to see what she'll come up with this year!

Janet.  My godmother will also return for Version 2.  Last year's cookie is a favorite in our family and this year I hear she has a good gingerbread recipe that I'm hoping she shares!

Nana.  Joining for the first time will be my grandmother!  I'm not sure if her computer is working right now, but we'll get her connected to bring you one of her tried and true holiday dishes!

Mom.  It wouldn't be The Twelve Guest Bloggers of Christmas on Mom Taught Us without a post from mom.  The women who taught us to bake like crazy and Christmas time and throughout the year.  The one who taught us to entertain and enjoy time spent in the kitchen.

Over the next month or so these ladies will take time to share a holiday recipe.  I'm excited to see what they have to offer and know that I'll be scratching some of my "planned baking" off my list and making additions based on what they share.


Barb said...

Woo Hoo!!! Now I must think of something exceptional!!!!! Thank You:)

Jacki said...


Excited to see what comes of the guest bloggers posts! yum! can't wait!