Monday, March 21, 2011

Menu Planning Monday.

Due to extra leftovers, dinner with friends, a purse party life last week's menu plans ended with Roasted Tomato & Basil Soup with Cheese Tortellini.  The best part of all this is that even when my menu's don't pan out I'm still saving myself time and money at the grocery store by having a plan!

With that, here is another Menu Planning Monday!

Monday: Pizza!  Including the Reuben pizza that I've been thinking about for a couple weeks now!  I made the dough on Sunday so it'll be a clinch to throw this homemade pizza together on a week night.
Tuesday: Leftovers.  We are lucky to always have food on hand.  We never go hungry.
Wednesday:  Bowtie Lasagna.
Thursday:  Chicken Meatballs.  Mmm.  I'm excited to eat these again!!
Friday: Fish Fry with the Rendermans!  Can't wait to see them.

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