Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hot Crashed Potatoes.

Who doesn't love mashed potatoes.  Topped with butter.  With or without gravy.  I want some just thinking about them!  My husband on the other hand...does not love them.  He likes them, but they don't have the same power over him.

With that in mind I set out to find a different potato recipe for accompany the meatloaf I made over the weekend.  (Yes, I realize it was in my menu plans a week ago, but sometimes life happens and my menus do not become reality).  Back to the potatoes: I've been "cleaning out" my bookmarks (or favorites - what are they called these days?) and moving them to a new site full of pretty, tasty, and wonderful things: www.pinterest.com.  I am excited to be able to access them on any computer and in the near future on my iPhone.  Awesome, right?  Again...the potatoes!  I found a recipe I had been saving for quite some time...hot crashed potatoes.  

Hot Crashed Potatoes.
(Recipe from Pioneer Woman.  Adapted slightly to what I had on hand/our tastes.)
A bunch of potatoes (baby reds or other small potato - preferably from your garden)
Olive Oil

Boil desired number of potatoes in water.  (Don't be shy.  I thought I was being generous when I made mine, but it turns out they were pretty popular and most of them went.)  Drizzle baking sheet with a fair amount of olive oil (for flavor and to keep the potatoes from sticking).  Using a potato masher, take each potato and press down twice - turning the masher 90 degrees for the second mash.  Do not mash the potatoes completely flat...they should be a little pillowy.  Brush with olive oil.  Top with salt and pepper to taste.  Add an herb - I used rosemary on half and garlic on the other half.  Fresh would be optimal, but dried works too!  Bake in a 450 degree oven for 25-30 minutes or until potatoes are beginning to crisp.  

These little guys are not too much work and are pretty darn tasty.  I'll definitely make these again...especially when my garden is in season.  I can only imagine how much more delightful these would be with fresh from the garden baby reds.  This just might become my "go to" potato for the upcoming grilling season.

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