Monday, March 14, 2011

Menu Planning Monday.

This warm weather has me thinking about some fast and tasty meals.  I did freeze some meals over the winter..but this coming week I need to start doing some research!  :)

Here's this week's menu.

Monday: Leftovers.
Tuesday:: Roasted Tomato & Basil Soup with Cheese Tortellini.  I've yet to make this so far this winter and I can't let spring and summer come upon us without having it!  Hubby got excited when he saw me chopping veggies and told him what I was up to.
Wednesday: Grillin' Out!  The weatherman says 46 degrees - I say bring on the brats and burgers!
Thursday: Reuben Pizza to celebrate the Irish in me (even though I did some research on Reubens and they are not Irish...I'll still say it counts because of the corned beef and sauerkraut is made from cabbage!!).  Stay tuned for the recipe!
Friday: Fish Fry!


Barb said...

How did your Reuben Pizza turn out?

Holly. said...

It didn't make the cut this week!!! :( Will be adding pizza to next week's menu, so HOPEFULLY will work out then.