Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Twelve Guest Bloggers of Christmas - Part 2.

In case you missed the frenzy of Guest Blogger posts around Thanksgiving, check out these creations:

Winter Salad by Robyn
I made this for Thanksgiving and plan to make it again for Christmas. I love adding a lettuce salad to the spread and this one is tasty enough and pretty enough to make the table!!

Amazing. Simply amazing. If you are lucky enough to eat from one of my Christmas treat platters you are likely to see these on it!

Hot Buttered Rum by Our Mom, Barb
I didn't have this at Thanksgiving enough though it was there. That means, I must have lots and lots from now until the New Year. It is DELICIOUS!

Pumpkin Dessert by Teresa
I did not make this yet, but doesn't it sound fabulous!? I thought so! As soon as Gary's cinnamon bread my flop of a chocolate mint brownie is gone I can purse baking again :)

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