Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Super Nachos.

My mom often made this fast, easy, and tasty dish when we were growing up. So now, in honor of Cinco de Mayo, I share the recipe with you!

Super Nachos
1 can refried beans
1 lb. hamburger (prepared as taco meat)
black olives
green peppers
sour cream

This is super easy and great for warm days since it only requires a stove top. All you need to know is to layer everything into a cake pan (and adjust the ingredients above to your specific tastes). I recommend starting with the refried beans. And, you can eat this when the hamburger is still warm, or you can refridgerate and eat it when the hamburger is cold. Serve with tortilla chips and a margarita on the rocks!
And, if you are looking for a dessert to accompany this check out Heidi's post below!


Heidi Marie said...

I was actually just craving this recipe of Mom's the other day! Nice recipe for Cinco de Mayo! :)

Claire Higgins said...

Ok this is great for many reasons...one, I love it and needed a list of all the ingredients and two...you had this at your apartment the first time I came over there with Nicole. I sort of knew you from Governor's, but it was that night that we really met. I remember you made this, it was delish, and I think I ate most of the pan!

Barb said...

Oh yeah I remember those days only half with no onions please...Jake...and what I really like about it is you can add or leave out what ever you like or don't like! That was one of my better ideas:)

Holly. said...

Claire! I remember that now! Haha. So glad that I could provide you with the recipe. Enjoy!!

Nicole said...

Why don't I remember the time with claire and nachos?