Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Twelve Guest Bloggers of Christmas.

Christmas. I know it seems early, but let's be realistic.

Christmas will be here before we know it!! One of the Christmas-y things that my mom has been doing for many years is a cookie exchange.
To carry on that tradition in our virtual world Heidi and I have decided to bring you the next best thing - the twelve guest bloggers of Christmas! We've invited twelve people to bring you a holiday recipe. A cookie, a bar, a beverage, an appetizer, anything!
We are starting before Thanksgiving to give the bloggers time to post and you time to re-create their wonders!
Our twelve guest bloggers of Christmas are...
Our Mom - Barb! (creater of all tasty things!!)
Our Aunt - Janet! (she has been the originator of many tasty things you've found on this blog!)
Another of Our Aunt's - Julie! (she's a cheesecake maniac - everyone at work loves this about her!!)
Our Cousin - Karla! (she brings a killer platter of goodies to our grandma's each year - yum!!)
My Sister-in-Law - Teresa! (most recently made a platter of pumpkin treats - still need to get those recipes from her!!)
My Sister-in-Law-To-Be - Morgan! (her cookies always have the cutest packaging at the cookie exchange and the taste good too!!)
My Friend - Robyn! (she's gonna be a momma!! i hope her babe allows her to start feeling better and want to cook/bake!)
My Friend - Nicole! (who is living through a kitchen remodel!! ahh!! you are one brave women!)
My Friend - Angie! (she is a new momma with one sweet little babe!)
My Husband - Gary!! (he doesn't know yet, but I didn't hear back from his mother so it's all him. i can only imagine what he'll want to post....)
Food Blogger - Risa from Baked Perfection! (she is so good she has had recipes on Betty Crocker!! recently engaged, she is busy planning her wedding!)
Food Blogger & "Celebrity" - Emily from Sugarplum! (you may recognize her from The Food Network and other recipe challenges! working toward her goal of going to culinary school - donations are welcome!)

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Emily said...

Hahaha. You are funny! I will not accept donations. :) I can't wait to post. I'm still thinking...