Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Yesterday was the one year mark for our blog!! In honor of the occasion, here are twelve recipes that are worth making again or trying for the first time.

I will probably make this again over the weekend. It is a regular around here. It is that good.

I haven't made these since last summer. Definitely need to bring this recipe back the next time we grill out! I LOVE the basil spread!

Last minute invite? Want something sweet without turning on the oven. These are perfect solution!

If you did not make this the first time I posted it, PLEASE bookmark the recipe and make it when you zucchini plant is abundant! This is fairly simple and so good.

I know that several readers have made these and they give rave reviews. Who doesn't love a little garlic with their potatoes!?!

While you are busy planning your garden, take a look at our salsa recipe and plan to make it later this year! I am sad to report I only have two jars left. Must make more this year!

The ultimate treat - enough said!

It's a family tradition and I can't do Thanksgiving without it.

I think pizza night is all set! We've got two options on the list. I suggest making both!

I drool over this recipe every single time I see it.

The only frosted sugar cookie recipe I use.

Probably at the top of my pasta salad list right now. I think I can safely say the same for Heidi. I am excited to make this to go with my turkey burgers!!

And with that I hope the coming year brings you more delicious recipes that hopefully become your family's favorite. Thanks for reading and leaving comments! We appreciate it!

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