Monday, February 14, 2011

Menu Planning Monday.

Welcome to the Valentine's edition of Menu Planning Monday and Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday: Valentine's pizza!  Three varieties.  Trialing a new crust recipe.  And getting pictures so that I can post my stuffed crust pizza recipe.  We're excited!

Tuesday: Cookout!  The hubby has spring fever and the weather forecast is perfect for grilling.  I'm thinking some brats and a couple stuffed burgers!

Wednesday: Italian Delight.  This is a recipe from past guest blogger Michelle.  I had the recipe for a long time already and haven't gotten around to making it.  She sent this as part of an email recipe exchange and it was enough to get it on this week's list.  Excited to make it and anticipate posting the recipe at the end of the week.

Thursday: Leftovers.  I need to build this in otherwise we end up with old food.

Friday: Fish fry (at home and not really fried).  We're saving up (money & the calories of eating out) to eat a fish fry at our church each week of lent.

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Michelle K said...

WOW - I made Monday night menu planning?!?!? Aweosme!