Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oreo Truffles.

These truffles are easy and a delicious treat suitable for Halloween or any occasion! They are slightly time-consuming, but not too bad and the end result is definitely worth all efforts. I made them last Christmas and they were a huge hit!

Oreo Truffles.
1 package oreo cookies
1 8-oz package cream cheese (softened)
chocolate for dipping

Combine ingredients in a stand mixer until cookies are crush and combined with the cream cheese. If you do not have a stand mixer you will want to crush the cookies and then combine with the cream cheese. Once combined, refrigerate for a couple hours or overnight. Once chilled, formed into balls and dip into chocolate. Decorate as desired.

While these obviously are not "healthy" I did use fat-free or reduced-fat cream cheese. I figure any little bit helps!!

Oh! AND I think I recall seeing mint oreos. I see some really good potential!!! :)


Barb said...

When in the Hell did you make these?!?!!?? They look very good though:)

Heidi Marie said...

We might be making some of these for my wedding..... :)

Nicole said...

Oh, boy do they have mint oreos...amazing, really. Kari introduced me to her addiction and unfortunately I followed suit. We have some in the cabinets right now actually. Maybe I'll have to add these to my to make list for christmas cookies. It's already pretty big though. I found a recipe similar to this one but with ande's candies in the taste of home magazine this month.

Robyn said...

MMM, I love these! We make them for Christmas.

Heidi....that would be a neat wedding favor!

Heidi Marie said...

Holly, you should test out the Nutter Butter recipe for these you said you found. :) And, I will definitely be trying this with MINT oreos as well. Nicole, I too am a HUGE mint oreo fan! :)