Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pasta with Sausage Drenched in Creamy Tomato Sauce.

Have I mentioned that my husband loves to grill out?  He enjoys grilling out so much that he does so year round.  This may seem "normal" to some, but considering that we live in Wisconsin, this is a pretty significant feat.

How about that he loves leftovers?  So much that he would be most happy with one of us making a large meal once per week and eating it for lunch and dinner for the remainder of the week.  That being the case, when he grills out, he easily grills for 10 people when our family consists of 2.

This past weekend I convinced him to limit what he was putting on the grill and strategically selected a couple different meats that I had other plans for....and that's where this recipe comes into play!  
Pasta with Sausage Drenched in Creamy Tomato Sauce.
(Recipe by Me)
1 pound pasta (cavatappi is my favorite)
1 large can of your favorite pasta sauce (about 27 ounces)
2 6-ounce containers of plain Greek yogurt
3 Italian sausages cut into bite size pieces (also know as leftover bratwursts)
1 cup Parmesan cheese
2 cups mozzarella cheese

Prepare pasta according to package instructions.  At the same time, heat pasta sauce then add yogurt, sausage, and Parmesan cheese and mix until combined.  Combine pasta with sauce and place in an oven save dish.  Top with mozzarella cheese and bake in a 350 degree oven until the cheese is melted and just beginning to brown.

And this is where I will tell you how much I am loving Greek yogurt.  I've never been a fan of creamy sauces or alfredo because of the extra calories that came with it.  Using Greek yogurt is such a healthier option than heavy cream and tastes delicious!!

How else are you using Greek yogurt in your cooking or baking?  I just bought a large tub of the plain stuff!

...and I apologize for the terrible photo, but the baby was hungry...or maybe it was just me...

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Nicole said...

I'm not a fan of creamy sauces either, but this does sound tempting!!