Monday, September 1, 2014

Crock Pot BAKED Potatoes.

Earlier this summer my husband requested meatloaf for supper.  It sounded good because we hadn't had it in so long that I was game for making it.  The only problem was that our house heats up so easily and I kind of dreaded the though of starting the oven.  In addition to that, I wasn't actually going to be home at the time that I wanted to put supper in the oven to have it down at a certain time (which is a constant battle!!)  That's when I decided to get out my trusty crock pot.  Crock pot meatloaf?  Yes, please!

And what to serve as the starch?  Baked potatoes, of course!  Again: crock pot!!  So easy and so delicious.  I'm fairly certain this will be the only way that I make baked potatoes from here on out.

Crock Pot BAKED Potatoes
1-8 of your favorite potatoes
Olive oil
Aluminum Foil

Wash and scrub potatoes.  Use a fork to prick the potato all over.  Run olive oil over potato, sprinkle with salt, and wrap in aluminum foil.  Place potatoes in slow cooker and cook on low for 8-10 hours.  Remove from crock pot and enjoy.

That simple.  And that good.  Happy potato 'baking'!!

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